Wellness PEMF

Mountain Medical Specialties has created, prototyped, and clinically tested pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) freqeuncy generators and pulsed magnetic field (PMF) frequency generators on patients within its medical practice. The PEMF and the PMF frequency generation devices were designed to be non-significant risk devices with the following design controls.

  1. Generate Very Low Energy PMF signals that are 100 milligauss at the surface of the PMF device. 
  2. Generate Very Low Energy PEMF signals that are between 50 and 400 microamps at the surface of the skin electrodes.
  3. Generate Very Low Pulsed Magnetic and Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies in the Ultra Low Frequency (300 Hz) and Super Low Frequency (30Hz) range.


Mountain Medical Specialties has designed PEMF and PMF devices with high patient compliance by the creation of devices that are:

  1. Precision engineered of high quality
  2. Easy and comfortable to apply
  3. Light weight and easily fit in a pocket
  4. Rechargeable UL approved lithium-ion power supply lasting 12 to 24 hours between recharging.


Mountain Medical Specialties has selected Specific Frequencies that have been clinically tested by 100’s of licensed health care professionals on 1000’s of patients.


Over the past ten years of clinical testing, Mountain Medical Specialties patients have not experienced any major adverse reactions. Minor adverse reaction of skin irritation has been reported in less the 1% of patients.