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I would like to give you praise for the prompt, thorough, clear communication, and help that you have shown since I expressed interest and now bought some of your equipment. Also, your software is far superior to other FSM software.   

Mike S.    

(Ontario, Canada)   


This is my second month with the MR7.  I'm doing great.  Haven't taken Wellbutrin in a month. Seem to be managing ok.  Thank you.   


(Clayton, Georgia)   


I had to stop doing real estate because I had back surgery in March.  If it wasn’t for the MR7 I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.  Thanks so much! 


(September, 2018)


The MR7 has changed my life basically in 2 months. I was bed ridden a lot before using the MR7 and now I feel great. Thank you so much!   

Pat G    

(Myrtle Beach, SC)   


The Sleep PEMF simply works great! Thanks! 

Kevin B  


I have been using the MR7 magnetic frequency disc for approximately a year and a half. I was in a lot of pain, due to my right hip joint being bone on bone. I had several treatments at the office. I had instant relief. I sleep better and have much less pain. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from pain like I was. I wear mine 24/7, even at night, because the pain does not wake me up any longer.  

T-Bone Bonham    

(Tampa, FL)   


Marcus, I am pleased at my results with the equipment and your terrific customer service!  

Hope Z    

(Dayton, OH)   


Just had trigger finger surgery yesterday. I programmed the post operation protocol on to the MR7. Attached MR7 in the photo, two hours after surgery as instructed. Today, no pain or swelling and incision looks great...


Deb H  

(Akron, OH)


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